We will partner with the volunteer organizations in the Greenwich community and work with them to create opportunities for youth to get involved.

All you need to do is REGISTER with 30Every30. Each month or so, you will receive an email announcing the upcoming events. You can then SIGN UP for the individual event you plan to attend ~ those under 18 years old will be a member of our Youth Volunteer or Teen Leader participants.

YOUTH VOLUNTEER: Is someone under 18years old, accompanied by an adult, who SIGNS UP for any 30minute slot (or more!) for each event to volunteer their time.

TEEN LEADER: A Teen Leader (TL) is someone who is 13-18 years old, accompanied by an adult, who wants to be recognized as a leader and do more. A Teen Leader (TL) will take direction from a 30Every30 Staff Member and assist with Check In, Getting Started, Q&A and Check Out Certification. In addition, our tracking and CHECK OUT CERTIFICATION for Teen Leaders (TL) are recognized for their leadership contributions.

ADULT VOLUNTEER: Adult volunteers (AV) are either adults who want to get involved, or parents/guardians who figure ~ I am here with my kids anyway, why not volunteer at the same time!

30EVERY30 STAFF MEMBER: These are members of staff who will be at every post for 30Every30 events. They ensure that Check In, Getting Started, Q&A and CheckOut Certification runs smoothly for every event.

REGISTER FOR 30EVERY30 - By registering for 30Every30, you receive our email updates for our Youth Volunteering (YV), Teen Leader (TL) and Adult Volunteer (AV) Opportunities. By providing your info once, you are in our system and receive updates.

SIGN UP IN ADVANCE FOR EVENTS: This is critical to ensure that we have the appropriate materials, staff and support based on the availability and interest of each event. In addition, this provides us with the advance notice to prepare first name badges, track the attendance and time for each member and prepare the certificate that each member receives before leaving each event.

What will happen when I arrive at a 30Every30 event?

CHECK IN: Let us know you have arrived, confirm we have your correct details, receive name badges and your Check in Time Ticket (TT) and off you go (this is actually less than 30 seconds).

CHECK OUT CERTIFICATION: Each member stops by Check Out Certification before departure and hands in their Time Ticket (TT). They will be handed a certificate with their name, a symbol for Every30minutes they donated, the Charitable Event that they served, the amount of time they donated and the date. This will also be tracked in our database.


FEEL GOOD NOW: The goal is to foster an atmosphere where our Youth Volunteers (YV) look forward to these events, want to be a part of something that gives back and they have immediate gratification by leaving with a certificate.

SHARE THIS GOOD LATER: We think the participation, dedication and focus on volunteering within the community will also support college admission applications and essays. We will be happy to support these efforts, as our YV are wonderful members of our society. By tracking participation in our database, we have all the data needed to help you with this important process!